Increase performance by taking a process-driven approach!

Increase performance by taking a process-driven approach!

We help you to get a 24/7 insight into your processes and figures and facilitate the creation of even greater added value.

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Process-oriented solutions

Discover our process-oriented solutions!

Examining your business and IT architecture can lead to 10% - 35% efficiency improvements!

Discover our process-oriented solutions!

How to choose the right ERP software

How to choose the right ERP software

Use our checklist “How to choose the right ERP software” and access an objective list of criteria for simplifying the choice of ERP software for your business.

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Optimize group

Business environments are changing, fast. The companies most able to adapt are the ones that will reach their targets.

Optimize Group focuses on constantly optimizing customers’ business processes by delivering flexible software and all related services to get results. We develop software for Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac.

Together with our clients we drive business efficiency, reinforcing their unique way of working and enabling growth.

In this way they stay agile, efficient, profitable and ahead of competition.

Optimize Group encompasses four divisions. M-Soft, Jamadata and Just Software specialise in business software. The former Professional Services Westaedt provides supportive, optimization services. As a result, Optimize Group can guarantee intensive and specialised expertise and service.

Msoft PSWJamadata Just software



SMEs have found DAVE to be a user-friendly, modular ERP that can be customised to different budgets. The package is suitable for companies with 1 user or more and works on both PC and Mac. The package incorporates a range of modules: accounting, order processing, CRM, …
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This modular ERP software is perfect for any production company. M-Soft-Production was developed for piece, series or project-based production and supplying from stock and is suitable for businesses with 5 users or more. Read more


This is the very best modular ERP software for trading in steel, non-ferrous products and/or ironware and the steel service centre. Created on the basis of over 25 years experience and expertise within the steel and metal sector. Read more


International, multilingual, multi-legislation, multi-user and multi-company accounting software for financial management, with many other functions that exceed the limitations of classic accounting packages. Read more


ERP software for HRM, time registration and access control. Developed, on the one hand, as a simple method for managing your personnel and, on the other, in order to register and calculate attendance hours easily and effectively. Read more


This specialised administrative software is the most comprehensive and user-friendly tool for flawlessly managing and monitoring your drinks business. JamaDrink is a modular system and can therefore grow with the corresponding drinks company. With almost 300 customers in the drinks sector, this is the best possible reference in the market. Read more

Serena Business Manager (SBM)

Serena Business Manager (SBM) is a flexible and adaptable tool for modelling, analyzing and optimizing business processes. As a Serena partner for the Benelux, Optimize Group provides support, implementation and training for the use of this application. Would you like to get a better grip on operations? Contact us today for more information.


Consultancy/project management

Your IT project can only be considered successful once the software is fulfilling your expectations. This means that it must be implemented in the correct way. That is what Optimize Group does. You will be provided with professional advice about the application of software that is customised to your business and business processes. The Optimize Group consultants have many years of experience in the commercial sector and extensive knowledge of our applications. They will supervise the implementation process and the period thereafter. Contact us for more information.

Business architecture

The complexity of business processes and the various interests and departments that may be involved mean that IT is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage within a business. Optimize Group uses IT effectively by harmonizing and streamlining strategy, business processes and IT architecture.

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Process optimization

The optimization of business processes can deliver financial and competitive rewards for most companies. Optimize Group is thus happy to help when it comes to setting out the automation and optimization of business processes. Are you interested or would you like to know more about process optimization? Then Contact us as soon as possible.

Health Check

SMEs can also benefit from optimizing their business processes. Optimize Group takes care of analyzing bottlenecks, detecting wastage and coming up with ideas for improvement. All on the basis of your strategic and operational goals. Are you interested or would you like to know more about our health check? Then Contact us as soon as possible.

ALM - Application Lifecycle Management

ALM is a method for delivering top-quality applications within a predetermined time-span and budget. From the development and implementation of an application to the point at which it is phased out. This means that you are able to implement, upgrade and phase out complicated systems more successfully, quickly and cheaply. Contact us for more information.

ITIL - IT Infrastructure Library

With ITIL, you can be sure that your IT management processes have been set up efficiently. It offers you a clear reference framework and an overview of best practices. Thanks to ITIL, you can anticipate change in a more flexible manner and gain further control. In short, thanks to ITIL, you can be sure of the added value of the IT management processes for your business. Contact us for more information.



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